“Fac Sapias et Liber Eris”

Sapias Holding B.V.
is the holding company for several companies on Bonaire.


The backbone of the holding is within the hospitality industry. The holding owns Buddy Dive Resort, is part owner and has management contracts with Belmar Oceanfront Apartments and Caribbean Club Bonaire. Based on the actual occupancy numbers on the island of Bonaire, Sapias Holding B.V. has proven to be a solid partner in hospitality. It has gained a 20% market share on the island over the years.


Besides the hospitality industry, Bonaire is driven by the diving industry. Also in this industry Sapias Holding B.V. has obtained an important market share in supplying the island and its surrounding islands with diving materials. Palm Trading is the wholesaler company with dealerships of Tabata, Suunto, Aqualung, Reefsmart, Seawag, Waterproof, iQ, Fourth Element, Princeton Tec, AED, PADI, Lenhardt & Wagner Compressors, NRC and more. Palm Trading is the reliable dive shop and (book) store supplier for all diving and dive related needs. In order to serve the clients on Curacao better Palm Trading Curacao opened its doors in October 2012.

Food & Beverage

Sapias Holding B.V. is an importer and distributor of food and beverages for many companies in the hospitality industry on Bonaire. Via The Still Bonaire, our online liquor store, Sapias Holding B.V. has an important market share in supplying the island with premium brands of spirits, whiskeys, liqueurs and much more for a reasonable price.

Sapias Holding B.V. is always looking for new business, if you are looking for a reliable partner in property management, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sapias Holding B.V.

Sapias Holding B.V. was established in 2008 and took over all tasks and business of Solar Management, which was established by Martien & Ingrid van der Valk on December 14th 2000 with the goaI to have a holding company managing and expanding their business interests on Bonaire.

The real growth came with the purchase of Buddy Dive Resort and Buddy Watersports on February 14th 2002. This 46 unit (dive) resort was and is a major player in the tourism industry on Bonaire. In October 2004 Buddy Dive Resort acquired Lions Dive Hotel Bonaire and because of this Buddy Dive Resort increased its room inventory to 78 units or 110 bedrooms/220 beds. Buddy Dive Resort also has three satellite dive shops, 5 dive boats, 90 rental cars and two restaurants on premises.

Palm Trading Bonaire N.V. was purchased by Sapias Holding B.V. (at that time still Solar Management) on February 22nd 2002 with the goal to import and sell dive related equipment, articles and gear to dive shops and book stores on Bonaire as well as on Curacao and Aruba. In November 2012 Palm Trading Curacao opened its doors in order to serve the Curacao market better and to expand throughout the entire Caribbean.

Throughout 2003 and 2004 Sapias Holding started to operate in the Facility Management sector mainly serving its own companies in the fields of housekeeping services, maintenance- & engineering services as well as IT-related activities. Beltech was purchased for this reason on October 18th 2002, which basically had 3 sub-divisions.

Also in 2003 a part ownership of Desal Pro was acquired. Desal Pro sells and provides maintenance to electricity & water plants that purify salt water into drinking water via a desalination process. Full ownership was acquired in July 2008 and currently Desal Pro has water plants on hotel sites in Bonaire and Curacao.

Early 2004 a share Caribbean Parasail & Watersports was acquired and at the end of that same year Sapias Holding B.V. obtained 100% of the shares.

In 2006 Sapias Holding took over management of Caribbean Club Bonaire, a resort that grew under Sapias management from 18 units to 40 units or 56 bedrooms/ 110 beds.

Also in 2006 the Central Reservations Office was opened. It has the strengths of doing the reservations for all Sapias properties from one office and therefore generate a higher occupancy for all.

Together with the Sales also the Marketing for all properties is combined.

In July 2010 the one stop scuba shop Your Scuba Store opened its doors in the centre of town and serves the divers on Bonaire with all their retail needs.

In October 2011 after over a year of preparations, designing and construction the two liveaboards Wolf Buddy and Darwin Buddy were launched in Galapagos, Ecuador and are offering complete dive trips. The yachts are the newest, most spacious and fastest liveaboards dive-yachts in Galapagos. The motor yachts are 120 feet long with 4 decks and accommodate 16 diving guests each. After a very good launch this operation was soon known as the best in Galapagos and were at high demand. Unfortunately due to corruption and extortion the operation had to stop sailing in January 2014.

On February 22, 2017 Buddy Dive Watersports opened a retail store in the center of Kralendijk. The store offers a great variety of watersports essentials and casual summer clothing. For example underwater cameras, snorkel and dive gear, beach apparel, rashguards, sunglasses, swimwear, T-shirts and hats are available in the store. Customers can also book their activities in the shop, such as dive courses and packages, windsurfing, kitesurfing, massage, cave exploration and many more. As the only dive shop on Bonaire, Buddy Dive offers a free of charge tank delivery service for tourists whom are staying at a private rental home. All tourists can enjoy the convenience of a resort without staying at one to get the most out of their holiday.

What began on a small scale in 2000 has grown to an organization that employs approximately 190 persons.

When initially Sapias Holding strived to become an important player in the economy on Bonaire, it now looks also at other locations with prime dive sites, maintaining its core activity in the hotel- and/or tourism related sector while self sufficiency and either creating and/or optimizing synergy are key factors in order to maximize profits thru well trained and motivated employees. Strive for growth is a fundamental part of the Sapias philosophy. Sapias Holding and its companies aim to be seen by stakeholders as solid and reliable partners that stand for quality and a professional organization.

the Executive Director

Born in 1957 and thru his father a direct/first line descendent of Martien & Riet van der Valk who founded the Van der Valk consortium in the 1930's. In 1960 they build up a chain of 12 restaurants close or nearby main highways in The Netherlands. In 1971 the first hotel was added to the group and presently the family owned group consists out of 90+ hotels located in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Bonaire, Curacao and the US. Each company/hotel within the group is individually owned and since the mid-90's work together in Marketing-field and try to create and use synergy opportunities within the group.

Martien & Ingrid van der Valk were trained within the group and managed several companies for the family ranging from restaurants and food production/processing companies (french fries, snacks and fish). In between he established a financial company that captured credit card transactions and developed a group credit card.

In 1994 they were assigned to reorganize a fish processing plant in Chili and from there they moved to Bonaire in 1995 where they started up the latest purchase at that time of Plaza Resort Bonaire and Port Bonaire Resort.

Starting from 1995 they set-up, developed and put both resorts in the market making it a leading player not only in the Bonairean tourism industry as well as in the Antillean market. Martien (a certified private pilot at the time) had a major role in the organization of the weekly charter flights out of Belgium he gained profound knowledge and experience within the airline industry. This was acknowledged by e.g. Air Jamaica and again Martien's role was substantial in setting up the Air Jamaica flights to/from Bonaire giving Bonaire a more reliable airlift.

In 2000 Martien co-founded the Bonaire Hospitality Group in an effort to streamline the product- and destination marketing efforts. The Bonaire Hospitality Group has become an important “think-tank” where Government, distribution channels and airlines get feedback from.

Martien was president of the Recompression Chamber Foundation Bonaire, an organization that manages and operates the recompression tank on Bonaire. Besides that, he held board positions in the Tourism Corporation Bonaire and the Chamber of Commerce Bonaire.

In 2010, the Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire was established with Martien as President, having the goal to develop coral nurseries and a recovery program in order to protect and restore the coral reefs around Bonaire. So far the work of the Foundation has been very successful.

the Team

The management team of Sapias Holding consists of a number of well educated professionals with experience in the fields of Human Resources Management, Political Science, MBA, Hospitality Management, Purchase and General Management.

Also all other staff is well educated for their tasks and motivated to do whatever necessary in order to succeed. Part of the management team are the three daughters of Martien and Ingrid van der Valk.

The eldest daughter Michelle holds the General Managers position of Buddy Dive Resort together with her husband Paul Coolen. Barbara currently holds the position of Marketing and Salesmanager in Europe for both Europe and the VS and is responsible for the European section of Sapias Holding B.V.: Sapias Group Europe B.V. Steffie the youngest daughter is managing Buddy Dive Resorts rooms division, while her husband manages the car rental fleet of the resort.


The hospitality sector is the backbone of Sapias Holding where most of the capital is invested in and profit contribution is generated. In this respect Sapias Holding synchronizes with Bonaire's economy where tourism is the main industry. Based on the number of rentable beds the Sapias Holding properties have a market share of 14.50%. Based on actual occupancy however its market share is around 20%.

Property Management
& Consultancy

In 2001 Sapias Holding B.V., at that time still Solar Management, signed the first property management contract. Over the years Sapias Holding has proven to be a reliable partner as property manager, Sapias Holding succeeds when the clients achieve their investment goals.

- Do you have experience running a commercial property yourself?

- Do you have experience in the hospitality industry and more important have experience on the location of your property?

- Do you have experience to determine the right strategy to ensure your return on investment?

- Do you know your target groups?

- Do you have access to a substantial distribution network?

- Do you have a SEO professional?

If you have answered the questions above with “NO” it might be prudent to hire a professional management team. The cost of one bad decision could more than offset the cost of hiring a professional management company to help you avoid the pitfalls of commercial/rental property ownership.

A commercial/rental property is a big investment and you want to make sure that this investment is taken care of. Not only physically but also financially. With the amount of experience Sapias Holding has gained over the years, we can make your investment work for you and take all your worries out of your hands.

Your return on investment will increase with Sapias Holding. Contact us for more details or to make an appointment.

Sapias Holding can assist and advice you to reach your goals.

Our experience in the setup, management and contracts of new and existing companies over the last few years enables you to have a partner with know-how to establish your business. We can do preliminary research for your marketing, (local) insurances, demographic statistics, taxes and the (local) banking to name a few. Furthermore, we have contact with several external advisors familiar with the island to give you the best possible advice. "Fac Sapias et Liber Eris"


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Questions submitted by email, during business hours, will be answered within 24 hours.

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